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Three years of intensive media literacy promotion 


The School for Journalism and Public Relations closed the three-year project on Media Literacy in the Era of Abundance of Information: Coalition for Media Literacy that has been in implementation since 2016 together with the partners: Nova Makedonija daily and the Media Diversity Institute from London.

During these three years we published 24 editions of the student newspaper Medium, visited 15 secondary schools talking about journalism, we organized competition for best secondary school media project Express Yourself Through the Media, we organized a Summer Camp on Media Literacy for 30 students, we upgraded the www.medium.edu.mk as a prominent resource for media literacy, we established the Media Literacy Coalition consisted of eight civil organizations and another eight media partners, we researched how our educational system treats this area and, in cooperation with the Bureau for Development of Education, explained why change of the curricula and textbooks is required.

All of this would have never been achieved without the support of the EU Delegation, extending our deepest gratitude for recognizing the potential of this project.

Before this project is officially closed, the team of the School for Journalism and Public Relations extends deepest appreciation to all students, professors, partners, institutes and organizations that were part of www.medium.edu.mk

The video below, summarizes our three-years work within MAMIL project.